...diathanna thorun

spewing forth like stars

aesthetically harmonic
enlightment inclined.

openness and affection 5evr
lets chat bby

I think if we all stopped saying the little kids who held hands would get married,
or that the girls who open up about their crushes must be easy
or the people making out are going to fuck,
or like, that youll necessarily fuck the person youre dancing with.

cant I just affirm who you are in this moment?
cant I just comfort the whatever you are,
and let you know youre important to me.

Stop assuming affection is love,
stop denying the hierarchy of love,
each kind is equally important.
Platonic, playful, serious, experimental, open,
all fulfill different roles in our wellbeing.

stop judging
stop being scared to openly communicate

just think in the moment
refine your actions
act refined.

i dont give a fuuuucckkkk

but man this summer is pretty damn swell

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